Deneysville Accommodation Vaal Dam Contact Annalize on 083 379 4626 includes information on business, accommodation, Fishing and Boating Facilities.

Come down to Deneysville Vaal Dam and experience the tranquility of this waterside village on the dam.

Deneysville Vaal Dam is very convenient to travel to from Johannesburg and Pretoria.   A picturesque Free State Village Deneysville, is the finest and most convenient point to access the Vaal Dam.  If you own a power boat or a sailing yacht and need launching or deneysville-vaaldam-kite-surfing-1mooring facilities.  Or are an avid fisherman looking for that big fish, then Deneysville has something to offer you.  Suitable for all types of water-sports there is plenty of clean unpolluted water for everyone.  Maybe you are just looking for a few days peace away from city life, If so then there are many fine small guest houses in the village as well as self – catering facilities to choose from.  All of this just an hour or two away from Johannesburg and Pretoria.  Other attractions in Deneysville Vaal  Dam include crocodile farm, horse riding stables, fishing competitions, boat cruises and even a vintage motorcycle museum.  Many  yacht races are held in Deneysville Vaal Dam including the ”Lake Deneys Yacht Club “   “Around The Island Race” – the largest inland yacht race in the world.  “Keelboat Week” which is a week long series of Keel boat races these are held at “Deneys Aquatic Club.”  There is also “The Big Boat Regatta” which is held at “Manten deneysville-vaal-dam-catamaran-cruise.1Marina.“ which also offer mooring and launching facilities.  Good moorings and launching facilites are also offered at  “Anchor Creek Marina.“   For all accommodation enquiries, your contact is Annalize who has information on all types of self-catering facilities or Guest Houses click on Accommodation or contact Annalize on 083 379 4626 or land line or email her on   Featured Accommodation this month is Stone Cottage  which has just been awarded three star status and  Platinum Moon  please click to go straight to their home pages or click on the information bar above.

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